Don't read books, if you're not ready to forget them

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A life which is no longer his own

(As the world gets broken up between ideologies; armies in readiness to lock horns, the man and his basic life is box-fitted to suit agendas.

“Trump will not be allowed to win”: Assange

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Trump is an outsider

This interview of Julian Assange by celebrated writer and author John Pilger  was filmed in the Embassy of Ecuador in London - where Julian Assange is a

Why South China Sea ruling is unlawful

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), South China Sea, Taiping Island, Nansha Islands, nine-dash line, UNCLOS, EEZ

Great powers again have a design on China

(China’s rise is a first in 500 years that an alternative non-Western power has become a global power.

China looms large for honchos in Davos

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62 persons’ wealth is equal to half of humanity

Imagine yourself in Davos, Switzerland today where world’s top corporations, celebrities and politicians have converged for the World Economic Forum.

Dollar-free world gathers wind

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Dollars and American wars are interlinked

Three significant moves in the first fortnight of 2016 signal a drive to end dollar hegemony and usher in a multi-polar world.

North Korea’s H-Bomb claim: A hoax?

North Korea, Hydrogen Bomb, Pungyye-ri, European Mediterranean Seismological Center, CTBTO, Comprehensive Test-Bank Treaty Organisation, Kadena air force base in Okinawa, Jeffrey Lewis

Kin Jong-un has few applauding his feat

North Korea has claimed a successful Hydrogen-Bomb test on Wednesday the veracity of which would be determined before this week is out.

Why India hankers after UNSC permanent seat

India, UNSC, G-4, G-20, developing nations, West, United States, Soviet Union, Russia, UN seat

India throws up its hands at UN's irrelevance today

India wants the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent seat for good reasons. It has legitimate claims and it would only benefit the world. It would also be good for UN which is almost illegitimate and irrelevant in the 21st century. 

US, China must avoid a new Cold War

China, United States, Xi Jinping, Barack Obama, One Belt One Road, OBOR

Such bonhomie between world's two biggest powers ought to get real

Chinese president Xi Jinping is in United States for a week-long state visit. This, at a time when the Sino-US relations are at its lowest ebb. Among others, one reason is China’s policy of One Belt, One Road. One of world’s renowned geopolitical experts, Shen Dingli dispels a few notions in this piece.

Female Viagra: The rigged truth

Female Viagra, Pharma, FDA, United States, patients, doctors, CROs, India, Medical

Pharma industry is badly rigged. There is nobody you could trust.

“Female Viagra” and its approval by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has made screaming headlines. Before you hail it, a few facts on the “rigged” pharma industry deserve your attention.

COUNTERVIEW I : BRICS Bank will only help dollars

BRICS, India, South Africa, China, Russia, Brazil, NDB, CRA, IMF, World Bank

The BRICS family bonhomie: Don't believe the economic hot gas yet

Leaders of half of world's humanity and 30 percent of its GDP are in Ufa, Russia for BRICS and SCO Summits. NewsBred brings views and counterviews on this "tectonic shift" taking place--a first in 500 years.