Amnesty International

Amnesty is barking up the wrong tree

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Amnesty is no better than a sham

I have received a letter from Margaret Huang, Amnesty International's executive director.

Sedition: A few questions to Congress

Who had "sedition" charges against Arundhati and Aseem?

As per the National Crime Record Bureau statistics of August 2015, in the previous year, 58 persons were arrested under the sedition law.

Spot the link between Amnesty and Ramya

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Soros, Amnesty, Ramya: See the link? 

Do you know that US State Department which supports Amnesty itself doesn’t allow foreign-funded NGOs on its land!!!

Why Express wrong to defend Amnesty

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Our soldiers sacrifice is no news for Lutyens media

A few facts for Indian Express to digest before it comes out in support of Amnesty International again

Human Rights: Russia vs. United States

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US human rights ain't good

Russia has better human rights than US. And its friends are no worse than Saudi Arabia. Then why Russophobia?