What if everything you know about 9/11 is a lie

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What if everything on 9/11 is a lie

What if everything we’ve been told about 9/11 is a lie?

Aleppo’s poster child and media

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Aleppo poster child and propaganda

Washington's media presstitutes are using the image of the child to bring pressure on Russia to stop the Syrian army from retaking Aleppo.

Masses can’t be silenced with bread & circus

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British masses have lit the torch

Our riches will leave us sick; there will be bitterness in our laughter, and our wine will burn our mouth- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Orlando Shooting: Where are the dead bodies?

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Can one person shoot 100 people?

Some readers have asked for my take on the Orlando Shooting.  I don't have one. Let's see if together we can form a reasonable view.

Why China wants railroads in Afghanistan?

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Opium Trade: China fights down US influence

Illicit heroin trade from Afghanistan flourishes under US’ nose. China has its own strategy to stop the spillover effect.

After IS, Tehran would hold sway

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Iran could control Iraq and Syria

Once the Islamic State is blown away, Iran could hold sway over Iraq and Syria and become dominant in the region

How can US abandon Kurds to Turkey?

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Women soldiers are essential to Kurds offensive who are gaining ground at Turkey’s expense in Syria

This is second and final part of our series on Syrian War, rapidly drawing to a climax. If Turkey commits boots to the ground, Iran and Russia would surely do likewise and apocalypse would be upon us.

Syrian War: None of us are safe now

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Syrian War: The end of the world is nigh near as US-Russia stare each other down

In a two-part series from two different distinguished voices, we bring you Syrian War rushing towards a climax which could be World War III or humanity going up in smoke. We scarily await our fate.

Turkey shoots itself in foot

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What do I do next mate?: Erdogan in a bind

The official statement of Turkey on downing the Russian fighter jet on Tuesday has left them with no place to hide—much to the embarrassment of its daddies s

Russia shows up US Middle East Policy

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Syria’s ground reality on map and Russian sukhois

Vladimir Putin is smoking the hell out of terrorists in Syria and the world should be grateful for that. You could read below and contrast it with the reports you’ve been reading—and make up your own mind.