Sanctions fallout: Russia-China now joined at the hip

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Sanctions will only bring Russia closer to China

The downfall of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency appears guaranteed.

India & Russia seek trade in gold

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BRICS look to de-dollarize trade

Sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned bank, is looking to finance the direct import of gold to India.

Obama squeaks on Russia in final PC

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Obama: A disaster to the last word

At his final end of the year press conference before departing on his final taxpayer-paid Hawaiian vacation, Barack Obama decided to repeat a laundry list of

Kyrgyzstan in US cross hairs

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The falcon that is grounded

Most Westerners would have a hard time locating Kyrgyzstan on the world map, in spite of the role it plays upon the geopolitical chessboard. However, this co

Hague has no legal standing; China never took part

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South China Sea dispute: Pic courtesy The Telegraph

Media must point out Ia) Hague has no legal standing on the matter; (b) China never took part in its proceedings on South China Sea, claiming it to be illegal. 


EU collapses; Eurasia integrates

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SCO picks up threads for Eurasia

While the Brits were voting to leave the European Union, India and Pakistan were signing key documents at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (

Who are the Masters of Mankind?

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Chomsky: Putting his mind to the matter

Adam Smith talked of “Masters of Mankind” in the 18th century. Do such tribes still rule the world or the power has shifted hands?

Why Modi is leaning on Washington

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Modi's strategic leaning on Washington

With the Islamic world on its West and China's shadow on its east, Modi has begun to lean on Washington. 

Chabahar is a real deal for India

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Modi, Rouhani and Ashraf Ghani shaking hands after Chabahar deal

For its commercial and political implications, the Chabahar Port deal with Iran marks the finest achievement yet of Narendra Modi’s global engagements.

Russia need be a India-China mediator

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India-China need more than just photo-ops

The Russia-India-China (RIC) meet of its foreign ministers in Moscow is unlikely to have thawed the freeze between two Asian giants, China and India.