Indo-China Cold War is bad news for BRICS

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Indo-China Cold War suits US interests

The Indo-US agreement on sharing military logistics to counter China’s assertiveness in Indian Ocean could have wider ramifications. 

Sharapova ban most foul

Sponsors have left in double quick time

Sponsors have left in double quick time

One of the world's best female tennis players, Maria Sharapova, has been suspended, because a medicine she has been taking legally under a doctor's prescript

You must doff your hat to Times of India

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Three stories which deserve praise for TOI

Times of India puts searchlight on a newspaper which won't publish anything that goes against the United States. There's a pattern for all to see. 

Reuters and other lies on South China Sea

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(from left to right): Marine Traffic map and the Lombok Strait

Once you have read this piece by Peter Lee, an American, on South China Sea you would start hating your newspapers for the lies they serve up. Ignore it and remain a sucker all your life.

Iran could be the new China

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Iran being in play is a seismic event

It’s currently quite a toss-up when it comes to naming the hardest working man in geopolitical business: Chinese President Xi Jinping or Iranian President Ha

Rumble in the Ruble; but not in Yuan

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Low interest credit is way out for Ruble

A case can be made that for Moscow it would be a tremendous waste of hard-earned foreign exchange – to try to counter a rig against their currency they simpl

Does Europe have a future?

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EU is a pack of cards in collapse-mode

Europe has no future. Yes, it rises like a phoenix. But before that, it routinely self destructs itself. 

How US hands were forced on Iran sanctions

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Kerry's interview is a give-away on Iran

Confirmation that international sanctions on Iran have at last been lifted is unequivocally a victory for Iran.

TAPI pipeline: The Afghan Taliban factor

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Afghan Taliban factor would keep India on edge

Good news: work on TAPI has begun. Bad news: the Afghan Taliban is has expanded. India’s big dream is at crossroads. New Eastern Outlook investigates.

Syria and the drumbeat of World War III

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Only Geneva could save humanity from World War III

Russia and US are carrying out their air-sorties over crowded airspace of Syria without sharing information. A miscalculation and collision could deepen the shadows of World War III.