A financial Pearl Harbour for world economy

China, United States, Stocks, meltdown, Russia, oil, energy, ghost cities

Why is China intent on building ghost cities?

The present currency war is said to be the financial Pearl Harbour.  In a three-article series, NewsBred takes a close look at Chinese, US and Indian financial mayhem. 

Television halts India’s population march

India, population, China, 1.27 billion, television

television improves self-esteem, education in hinterland

Studies show population is only north India's problem. The southern states have low birthrates. Studies show watching television helps reduce population growth. 

Sino-US heat could be defused --Only if this man is heard

South China Sea, US, China, Superpower, War, Japan

A voice that must not be allowed to fade in wilderness. 

China has a few legitimate rights in South China Sea. It had claimed them officially in 1947. Even the present-day contestants accepted or not contested China’s claims. Then what went wrong?

Modi boost for Iran-Oman-India gas pipeline

Modi, Iran-India-Oman gas pipeline, TAPI, IPI, China, Gwadar, Chabahar, CEPC

The Iran-Oman-India gas pipeline was recently given a boost by Modi in Turkmenistan. 

Iran-Oman-India pipeline could outpace India's current alternatives for meeting its huge energy requirement--it imports 75 percent of its crude oil--in coming decades. 

COUNTERVIEW III: SCO is a security net against spreading terrorism

SCO, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, Cold War 2.0, NATO, terrorism, Uighar Chechan, Abu bakr al-Baghdadi

Greater Asia is coming under SCO to counter a spreading NATO

India, Pakistan, China, Russia can sense terrorism spreading its tentacles inside their borders. SCO is aimed to counter NATO’s chaos. Iran joining next year will be the big thing.

COUNTERVIEW II : Dollar-free world is growing

Yuan, dollar, BRICS, SCO, China, Russia, energy

All eyes on yuan as alternative to dollars

World is already trading in dollar-less currency. In 2003, world’s currency reserves in dollars was 90 percent. It’s only 60 percent now. South Korea’s yuan-holding has increased by 25-fold!!!

COUNTERVIEW I : BRICS Bank will only help dollars

BRICS, India, South Africa, China, Russia, Brazil, NDB, CRA, IMF, World Bank

The BRICS family bonhomie: Don't believe the economic hot gas yet

Leaders of half of world's humanity and 30 percent of its GDP are in Ufa, Russia for BRICS and SCO Summits. NewsBred brings views and counterviews on this "tectonic shift" taking place--a first in 500 years.

A master analyst and an intrepid traveller

Pepe Escobar--A master analyst

Pepe Escobar- a master analyst

Pepe Escobar has a grizzly look but that’s on account of his unkempt hair—otherwise he is a rather young-looking senior in his early 60s. Born in Brazil, he has lived in several countries