Brand Russia leaves Western propaganda in tatters

(This is a piece by a `prejudiced’ Brit, and not a Russian paid-piper.

India firm even as US act bully on Iran matter

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Modi and Rouhani: A balancing act

United States wants India to cut down its

Who are the Masters of Mankind?

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Chomsky: Putting his mind to the matter

Adam Smith talked of “Masters of Mankind” in the 18th century. Do such tribes still rule the world or the power has shifted hands?

Syria saved; it’s Libya now

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Putin: Foiling West's designs in Middle East

After imposing Moscow’s will on the situation in Syria, Putin is moving on to Libya.

Brussels attack: Who will expose West’s role?

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A Brussels victim being helped: Pic courtesy New Statesman

The Brussels attack, horrific that it is, still sweeps under the carpet the role West has played in bringing terror on its door. Media, as ever, would like to keep the people dumb. 

Unanswered questions of Paris attacks

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The theory that doesn’t hold together: Pic courtesy Independent


Since investigation is not a process our newspapers follow, let me ask these questions on your behalf in the wake of Friday the 13th attacks in Pa