The “Wright” Satya Pal & sinister media hacks

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Dr Satya Pal (left) who has spoken up for Shivkar Talpade


Dr. Pathak, a pan-Indian hero you don’t read about

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Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (top right), his Sulabh Shauchalaya (below) and the ex-scavengers now on fashion shows in New York.

Alwar in Rajasthan is a two-hour drive from Delhi, the Capital of India.

What the classroom didn’t teach me about US

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Howard Zinn chronicled centuries of people’s struggles against oppression

Today, courtesy Tomdispatch, we bring you a piece by Howard Zinn which he wrote in 2008. For those who don’t know Zinn, he wrote the classic A People’s History of the United States which New York Times Book Review recommended as a “required reading” for all. The book revolutionized the way American history is taught and remembered. Zinn died in 2010 but this haunting piece is a tribute to his insight—and fears—on US Empire. 

This professor is far from being "nutty"

globalresearch.ca, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, US global war
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is all sense and far from being "nutty"

Prof  Michel Chossudovsky of course has no time for rebuttal to his critics. He would rather have his 11 books and his path-breaking website www.globalresearch.ca do the talking on his behalf

Sino-US heat could be defused --Only if this man is heard

South China Sea, US, China, Superpower, War, Japan
A voice that must not be allowed to fade in wilderness. 

China has a few legitimate rights in South China Sea. It had claimed them officially in 1947. Even the present-day contestants accepted or not contested China’s claims. Then what went wrong?

And then some spoke in favour of Deepa

Deepa Kumar, ISIS, US, tweet, Professor
Deepa Kumar also has voices in support

Social and mass media are virulent in their hate-outbursts against professor Deepa Kumar and her tweet where she viewed United States to be more brutal than the ISIS. Here are a few voices in favour you wouldn't have heard. 

A life lived in flow; not in calculation

Tom Engelhardt, tomdispatch.com, The Nation, The American Empire project
Tom Engelhardt--tending talents

One doesn’t hit upon Thomas M. Engelhardt easily.

A master analyst and an intrepid traveller

Pepe Escobar--A master analyst
Pepe Escobar- a master analyst

Pepe Escobar has a grizzly look but that’s on account of his unkempt hair—otherwise he is a rather young-looking senior in his early 60s. Born in Brazil, he has lived in several countries

“Read him if you want to save your mind”

F. William Engdahl--an enlightened view
F. William Engdahl--an enlightened view

F. William Engdahl is one of the most important geopolitical analyst and political scientist of modern times. There are few who would give you a better insight

“The most gagged woman in US history”

Sibel Edmonds--as courageous as they come
Sibel Edmonds--as courageous as they come

She was 18 when she came over to the United States for studies in 1988. Her earlier life was spent in Iran and Turkey as she moved around with her parents, an Iranian Azerbaijani father and Turkish mother.