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Hindus killed in Afghanistan: Try telling it to Indian Express

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Hindus killed in Afghanistan; but not for Indian Express

Jalalabad in Afghanistan suffered a horrific bomb attack on Sunday. Out of the 19 killed, 17 were Sikhs and Hindus.

How the liars are snared in their own net

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Left and its cottage-industry of lies on RSS

I laughed my guts out when I saw this piece in Indian E

Thank God Congress-JDS; for there is Indian Express

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CM seat vacant is a sign of things to come

The “fake news” in our mainstream English dailies is a slow poison.

Irony died a million deaths in Tharoor’s column

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Tharoor has a juvenile piece in Express

Shashi Tharoor’s edit piece in Indian Express on Satur

Indian Media and the judiciary canard

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Media untruthful on judiciary issues

It’s now given that attacks on judiciary would hog the front pages of newspapers and prime time television till the 2019 General Elections.

Express uses Tripura CM to mock at Hindus' beliefs

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Hindus are unpalatable to Commies

The other day an Indian Express editor sat down to write an

Guha & Mander work overtime to keep Muslims away from Hindus

Manish Tewari and his "fake" innocence

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Manish Tewari and his "fake" innocence

On the HRD’s move on “fake news”, now jettisoned, the strategy of Mainstream Media (MSM) has been two-pronged: One, it’s an assault on freedom of press (yawn

HT blanks Sibal story; Express gives its own slant

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Sibal Story: HT goes into a slumber


Grand Opposition Alliance? You must be joking

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The myth of opposition unity (file picture)

Indian Express ran a front page stor