India, Iran, Russia look for new trade corridor

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India, Russia and Iran explore new route

India, Russia and Iran are meeting next month to work out the details of a massive project to open a new sea-land transport corridor that would be a cheaper

Brand Russia leaves Western propaganda in tatters

(This is a piece by a `prejudiced’ Brit, and not a Russian paid-piper.

India going ahead with S-400 missiles from Russia

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India is undeterred by US threat

India doesn’t intend to scuttle its plans to buy S-400 Triumf from Russia despite the spectre of US sanctions.

Sanctions fallout: Russia-China now joined at the hip

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Sanctions will only bring Russia closer to China

The downfall of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency appears guaranteed.

Doklam has put Russia in a quandary

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Russia in a spot to play a mediator

By M.K. Bhadrakumar

India & Russia seek trade in gold

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BRICS look to de-dollarize trade

Sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned bank, is looking to finance the direct import of gold to India.

Syria saved; it’s Libya now

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Putin: Foiling West's designs in Middle East

After imposing Moscow’s will on the situation in Syria, Putin is moving on to Libya.

Iran and Russia: More wary than friends

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Russia and Iran don't see eye-to-eye on oil matters

Iran and Russia, despite cooperation in Syria, have knotty issues on oil production and their stands on Sunni regimes in the Middle East. 

US storing oil as it targets BRICS

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US is running out of room to store oil

US is storing oil in big numbers. Plummeting prices and sanctions, together, are meant to get Russia, after Brazil and South Africa. 

Russia need be a India-China mediator

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India-China need more than just photo-ops

The Russia-India-China (RIC) meet of its foreign ministers in Moscow is unlikely to have thawed the freeze between two Asian giants, China and India.