Truth on LGBT gets in YouTube’s crosshairs

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Article 377 is a losing battle against a powerful lobby

(Article 377 is in news and there is a general anticipation that Supreme Court would decriminalize homosexuality.

MSM Fake News Monitor: Indian Express on PM’s EAC

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Indian Express Fake News: Spot the difference

Till a few years ago, it was quite a fun to “spot the difference” between two almost identical images.

Ashutosh, check your facts on Hindutva

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Ashutosh, stop playing the communal card

Ashutosh, a spokesperson of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has appeared in the

The Fake News vs. Real News debate

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Janet Cooke of Washington Post: Fake Pulitzer story

A few days ago, Major Surendra Poonia made an angry tweet: “Yesterday one TOI (Times

Where’s Your Freedom of Expression, TOI?

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Where's your freedom of expression, TOI?

Times of India in its editorial today (see pic) has cried bucketful on the “harmful” influence of social media on the “news-professionals” like them, and oth

Hindustan Times is no better: Check out

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Headlines-Text delink is the latest trick

(Social media has been the biggest check-and-balance on mainstream media.

Kashmir: Ask your Barkhas and Rajdeeps

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The pictures in Kashmir Valley that don't make a headline

Ask yourself whether your Barkhas and Rajdeeps have ever highlighted these simple facts about Kashmir. And whether the aim of presstitutes is division and not cohesion of India.