Rajah-Moonje Pact: Minorities part of Hindus

“Divide and Rule”: Media follows British Raj

Now the pseudo-secular forces in India have taken the place of the British, who want the perpetuation of minorities for the ‘politically very considerable advantages’.

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Barkha, you want such freedom for media?

So Barkha you want such “freedom for media”

“Is this the kind of freedom Barkha Dutt wants for Indian media,” my wife, sipping her tea, asked me this morning. 

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"Indalit Express": Cooking up headlines

And so Press Council asked “Indalit Express”

With great delight readers we announce the forming of People’s Press Council. Regularly, we will analyse and ask a few questions to our mainsream media.

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Partisan Media can't see Modi's bleeding heart

Google search to fix “Holy Cows” of Media

A google search on “Dalit and cow vigilantes” will show you the media who are working overtime to bring down Modi. It’s time we expose their agenda to polarize India. 

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The common cry is in wilderness

The death of western democracy

Martin Schultz, President of the EU Parliament, puts it clearly: "It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate."

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DEVASTATED: Yelena Isinbayeva, multiple world and Olympic pole vault winner

Russia’s ban in Rio: And you call it justice

The targeting of Russia and indiscriminate punishment of their athletes is a betrayal of the Olympic spirit. Facts show it’s politically motivated. 

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Why Shaktimaan matters; and not cows

Why “Shaktimaan” matters and not cows

When Shaktimaan the horse is injured to death, our media’s hysteria lasts over a month. When millions of cows are illegally slaughtered, not a word is written. Why?

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Racist Churchill alone responsible for 6 million Indian deaths

Europe and its mass murders

Racist Winston Churchill, who had a pathological hatred for Indians, alone was responsible for six million Indian deaths during WW II.

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The falcon that is grounded

Kyrgyzstan in US cross hairs

Most Westerners would have a hard time locating Kyrgyzstan on the world map, in spite of the role it plays upon the geopolitical chessboard. However, this co

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Why Munich, Kabul not terror?

Why Munich’s is a shooter, not terrorist?

If Muslims attack us, they are terrorists. If non-Muslims attack us, they are shooters. Why is there hypocrisy on terror in Western media?