Rahul-Kejri Act: What your media didn’t report!

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Rahul-Kejri: The beaming condolence

If you haven’t been on social media bandwagon by now, it’s time you did. Some extremely sharp observations by twitterati would leave any fan of Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal—whoever are left—flustered. This all of course is around the “event” of the duo turning up at the hospital where the family of Ram Kishan Grewal--a former Army jawan who had tragically committed suicide, allegedly on One Rule One Pension (OROP) scheme—were grieving.

Kerjiwal began by dashing off a tweet that he is rushing to hospital to meet the family of the deceased Grewal. Twitterati lost little time in dusting off one of Kejriwal’s old tweet where he had justified not visiting the family of a murdered dentist, Dr. Narang, stating “I am being advised to visit the family after few days as they are in a state of shock.”

One @AnkurSingh drove the point in:

(Kejriwal) Didn’t want to meet Dr Narang’s kin as they were in shock! (But) rushed to meet Grewal’s kin coz may be he thinks they’re celebrating in hospital.”

Kejriwal followed it up with a tweet, stating a jawan had allegedly committed suicide due to non-receipt of OROP dues. The brickbats followed in profusion from servicing army officers and their families that they were receiving the OROP in full.

The “tackle” was now in full swing. Kejriwal’s beaming image on a stated mission of joining the “grieving” family was torn to shreds on social media.  When Kejriwal tweeted that he had been detained and “had no idea where he was being taken.”  Nitin Gupta  (@Nitin_Rivaldo) tuned in to Delhi CM’s desperation: “Sir, phone aapke paas hai. Google Maps ki app par dekh lo! Present aur Final sab location dikh jaayegi.”

The parody of Rahul Gandhi too was acted out in full. Congress leader and spokesperson Randeep Surjewala in his typically irritating tone—have you heard him? He sounds as if speaking from the clouds—claimed that Rahul had been “arrested,” before twitterati reminded him that there is a difference between being detained and arrested.

The social media also urged Rahul Gandhi to rein in his criticism of non-implementation of OROP when it was his own grandmother Indira Gandhi who had withdrawn OROP 40 years ago. Suitably, Rahul Gandhi’s beaming image at the venue was similarly ridiculed as was Kejriwal’s.

A video emerged too where Rahul Gandhi was shown arguing with cops and betraying his ignorance about deceased Grewal. Secular Scientist tweeted on the conversation thus:

Rahul Gandhi (to cops): His son has died.

Army man’s son: No, my father died

Rahul Gandhi: Ok, he is father of the dead.

In the same video Rahul was seen saying “Theek Hai, Ho Gaya” to the person recording the video.

The tragedy of a jawan’s suicide was thus vulgarized by leaders of two political parties of consequence. The ball has just started rolling.

Watch the space. 

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