So what happened to Rs. 15 lakhs Modi promised?

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So what happened to Rs 15 lakhs Modi promised?

A few days ago, I saw some young friends of Congress raising slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Jantar Mantar in the Capital. What caught my attention was the cry of “Rs 15 lakhs, 15 lakhs.” For a second I genuinely thought that the party which swindled some Rs 17,000 crores in CWG scam; Rs 186,000 crores in coal scam and Rs 176,000 crores in 2G scam, among others, was on a repentance drive, hurt by the conscience which assails even monsters from time to time.

But then, dropping by and taking a closer look, I realized the noise wasn’t about donating Rs. 15 lakhs to the people. Instead, the sloganeers were demanding Rs 15 lakhs. Afraid they might catch hold of me in their anger, I quickly made way for my home. Plugging on to social media, I was both surprised and elated: Surprised, for the AAP workers were demanding Rs 15 lakhs from Modi; and elated that while all political parties have a grouse against each other, here we had the instance of AAP and Congress joining hands in an unholy war.

Since, like everyone else, I too need Rs 15 lakhs, I decided to do some research on the matter. I looked at this Congress and AAP canard that Modi had promised during 2014 General Elections campaign to distribute Rs 15 lakhs each in every Indian’s bank account. I now tried to look for that Modi video where he is accused of having promised Rs 15 lakhs to each Indian citizen.

I finally did manage to track down this Modi rally video in question. As I suspected, I found Modi uttering that if the entire black money is brought back to India, it could be worth Rs 15 lakhs in each Indian’s bank account. The readers can see this video here for themselves. This has been such a blatant, criminal manipulation of facts by the Congis and AAPtards. So much so that if the Congis and AAPtards can back their lies with video evidence, I am prepared to offer my own Rs 15 lakhs to them!!!

And please, don’t tell me that the video is not available. All videos of all election rallies are available with Election Commission (EC). All these liars have to do is to requisition that video from the storeroom of Election Commission. In case they can’t do it, they must offer an unconditional apology to the nation, and Modi, for spreading a monstrous lie.

Modi’s statement was a kind of metaphor we use in our day-to-day life. For example, we often hear that India has so much debt that every child here is born with a Rs 20,000-25,000 debt on his/her head. For instance, see this piece “An Indian child is born with Rs 33,000 debt on his head” on the website of IBNLive of which AAP stalwart Ashutosh was then its editor.

Such methods have been perfected by these parties of scams and scandals. It was the Congress which went to town with that oft-quoted comment of Ex-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee where he is said to have reminded Narendra Modi, then Gujarat Chief Minister, on the ethos of “Rajdharma.”  The exact quote of Vajpayee during the 2002 Gujarat riots was that in such situations, “it’s important that the ruler follows the Rajdharma which I believe Modi is doing fully.” But Congress deliberately tweaked the statement to suit their malafide intents. They have been using this tweaked quote of Vajpayee with shameless abandon for the last 13 years against Modi.

The same sort of canard was spread by Arvind Kejriwal during 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Kejri claimed that Modi was an agent of Ambani and if the former was to win, he would double the then-existing rate of 8 dollars per unit to 16 dollars per unit so as to suit the oil wells of Ambani. And that the cost of living would hit the roof for all common citizens. Well, we all know that with 10 months of being the Prime Minister, Modi reduced the oil prices from 8 dollars per unit to 4.66 dollars per unit.

Unfortunately for Congress and AAP, and fortunately for India, its’ citizens are not influenced by such canards or the propaganda which the media unleashes every day. Their faith in Modi remains unshaken as is the resolve of our Prime Minister for “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas.”

(Tejinder Pal S. Bagga is a convener of Modi-fying India campaign as well as editor of magazine, The NamoPatrika).


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