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Tipu Sultan & his cruelty towards Hindus

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Tipu Sultan and his death memorial

(The below excerpts are gratefully taken from Sanjeev Sanyal’s masterpiece “Ocean of

Durga Puja : Violent attacks on core Hindu belief

Shakti, durga puja, Hindu, King of Mysore, Chamundeshwari Devi, Goddess Gauri, Mahamaya, Chinnamastika, Savitri, Varahi, Lalita, Sarvamangala, Kalika, Kamakhya, Jayanti, Bodos, Gorkhas, Kali, Durga, Sisodias, Mewar, Rana Pratap, Sri Aurobindo, Guru Govind Singh, Chandi, Aurangzeb, Veer Savarkar, Subhas Chandra Bose, Abrahamic religions, Islam, British, Akbar, Shivaji, Tulja Bhavani, Chandi Di Var, Chandikaamba, Jayastute, RAB Bangladesh
Durga Puja: The violent attacks we barely know

There are violent incidents against religious Hindus during the Durga Puja in the Indian sub-continent and there is a history behind it.

Pakistan could be over without Indus water

Indus Water Treaty, Narendra Modi, Ravi, Baes, Sutlej, Indus, Chenab, Jhelum, Pakistan, Balochistan, PoK, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, International Monetary Fund, Karachi Water and Sewage Board, dams, Hafiz Saeed, Laskhar-e-Toiba, Sustainable Development and Policy Institute of Pakistan, Nehru-Indira legacy
Pakistan is already as parched as Ethiopia 

If India was to impede the Indus River, Pakistan’s lifeline of irrigation canals will run dry and its agriculture-based economy would be over. 

China looms large for honchos in Davos

Davos, World Economic Forum, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Joseph Biden, John Kerry, Google, GM, Alibaba, Facebook, Bill Gates, Alexis Tsipras, Fourth Industrial Revolution, unemployment, assets bubble, energy prices, fiscal crisis, social instability, Oxfam report, falling commodity prices, assets sell-off, Falling Chinese stocks, Chinese economy crisis, Chinese debt, Chinese manufacturing, US manufacturing, Federal Reserve, bear market, 2008 global meltdown, wars to boost corporations
62 persons’ wealth is equal to half of humanity

Imagine yourself in Davos, Switzerland today where world’s top corporations, celebrities and politicians have converged for the World Economic Forum.

North Korea’s H-Bomb claim: A hoax?

North Korea, Hydrogen Bomb, Pungyye-ri, European Mediterranean Seismological Center, CTBTO, Comprehensive Test-Bank Treaty Organisation, Kadena air force base in Okinawa, Jeffrey Lewis
Kin Jong-un has few applauding his feat

North Korea has claimed a successful Hydrogen-Bomb test on Wednesday the veracity of which would be determined before this week is out.

Why India hankers after UNSC permanent seat

India, UNSC, G-4, G-20, developing nations, West, United States, Soviet Union, Russia, UN seat
India throws up its hands at UN's irrelevance today

India wants the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent seat for good reasons. It has legitimate claims and it would only benefit the world. It would also be good for UN which is almost illegitimate and irrelevant in the 21st century.