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Why South China Sea ruling is unlawful

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), South China Sea, Taiping Island, Nansha Islands, nine-dash line, UNCLOS, EEZ
Great powers again have a design on China

(China’s rise is a first in 500 years that an alternative non-Western power has become a global power.

US, China must avoid a new Cold War

China, United States, Xi Jinping, Barack Obama, One Belt One Road, OBOR
Such bonhomie between world's two biggest powers ought to get real

Chinese president Xi Jinping is in United States for a week-long state visit. This, at a time when the Sino-US relations are at its lowest ebb. Among others, one reason is China’s policy of One Belt, One Road. One of world’s renowned geopolitical experts, Shen Dingli dispels a few notions in this piece.

US ignores facts in South China Sea disputes

China, US, the Philippines, South China Sea, UNCLOS
South China Sea facts are being ignored by the US

Instead of being an aggressor, it is China which is facing military action from the Philippines, backed by the United States