Syrian president Bashar al-Assad lays into United States for its destructive role in his country and the Middle East. 

Rohit Sardana, output editor, Zee News, speaking to students of Noida campus of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism, also said that agriculture-based journalism has great scope.

PANAMA PAPERS are a case of orchestrated hype to hurt BRICS nations and its leaders.

In the attention on Syria and Ukraine, world has ignored the horrors of Africa where terrorism and extremism is allegedly fuelled by US. Mass-migrants from Middle East is compounding a mammoth tragedy.

A video has emerged of Islamic State (IS) jihadists having a lovely chit-chat with Turkish border guards.

Russian president Vladimir Putin says Turkey is accomplice of ISIS who not only sell their oil but also receive protection from Turkey's military. 

In this second part of the sensational videotape, a French general, Pierre Marie Gallois claimed that "utter lies" were used by West to bomb Serbia during the "balkanization of Yugoslavia." 

A French general, Pierre Marie Gallois, claimed in this two-part videotape that the dismemberment of Yugoslavia in the 90s was planned in advance by Germany, and United States. 

The video of 13 year old Palestinian Ahmed Manasrah bleeding to death on the pavement of an East Jerusalem neighborhood has been described as “shocking,” “dist

Who funds ISIS? Who arms them? Who buys the oil they steal from Iraq and Syria pipelines? Has US tried to punish these buyers? Why it violated the no-fly zone ruling over Libya?

As Stephen Coulbrt lays into George Bush for misleading the nation into war with Iraq, the former president begins losing colour on his face by the second.

Satirist Stephen Coulbert dares George Bush on the acts of willful omissions the former US president committed during the course of 2003 Iraq War in this video of contempt.