2019 general elections

Opposition hasn’t paid heed to Rajnath’s words

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Import of Rajnath's statement is lost on everyone

In the wake of Kairana elections, and a loss in Noorpur by a whisker, Home Minister Rajnath Singh made a statement which escaped the attention of most politi

Indian Media and the judiciary canard

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Media untruthful on judiciary issues

It’s now given that attacks on judiciary would hog the front pages of newspapers and prime time television till the 2019 General Elections.

India’s "Second Independence": the real deal

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Young India Rising: The Second Independence

We are entering into a stretch of political landscape which could simply be termed as the “Second Independence” of India in coming years.

Congress is over in our lifetime

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Rahul's been the final blow to Congress

The other day, having a conversation with a senior Congress leader, I smelled the smoke of a pyre that has burnt itself out.