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“7 Buzurgs (oldies)”: Ajay Jadeja taunts Rohit Sharma and Indian team

Cricket lovers’ dream of seeing an India vs Pakistan final in the T20 World Cup 2022 was shattered on Thursday as Rohit Sharma & Co. suffered a 10-wicket defeat at the hands of England in the semi-final. 

Fans, former cricketers and pundits have all been busy analysing the factors behind the Indian team’s humiliating loss. Former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja also expressed his opinion on the subject, criticising captain Rohit Sharma for his absence from a number of series over the last 12 months.

From Hardik Pandya to KL Rahul, the Indian cricket team saw several captains being given the team’s baton this year as Rohit, India’s designated full-time skipper, wasn’t part of multiple assignments for different reasons.

Jadeja, taking a dig at both Rohit for his absence from multiple series, said that a team only needs one buzurg (captain) and not seven of them, if you are to build a strong team for a tournament of the stature of the World Cup.

“We didn’t see him making the sort of moves that India had prepared for, for the entire year. Maybe this point will pinch Rohit. If a captain is to make a team, you have to stay with the team throughout. For how many series in the last year was Rohit with the Indian team? These talks have been held before as well. Even the coach of the team isn’t going on tours. Then how will the team develop?

“Ghar ka ek hi buzurg hona chahiye, 7 ho jayenge to bhi dikkat hai,” Jadeja said on Cricbuzz, probably pointing out at the multiple captains that the Indian team has had over the last 12 months.

Rohit Sharma was appointed as India’s skipper in T20Is after Virat Kohli stepped down post the team’s disastrous World Cup campaign in 2021. He was appointed captain in ODIs from the South Africa series, which he missed due to injury.

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