Thursday, June 20, 2024

A nine-year-old who rakes in $30 million from his YouTube channel

At the age of 9, most of us watched a bit of TV, if it was available in the area where we lived, and school going was a regular feature of our lives. This 9-year-old Ryan Kaji does that as regular kids his age but something makes him very different from his peers. That is the tremendous following he has on YouTube, and 27 million subscribers at last count.

He is so special thanks to his followers, and his skills, Ryan makes millions of dollars by reviewing toys. That is good fun for him as he was the highest paid YouTuber for second year in a row, netting $30 million. Last year also, he was the highest paid YouTuber getting no less than $26 million for all work he put in playing with toys! In 2018, he had earned far lesser, if you could say that, and only $17 million.

In 2019, he had 23 million followers and in 2020, the number of his followers has touched 27 million. It seems all that he touches is in millions only as he raked in upwards of $200 million from toys he has himself created. The prodigy has signed a deal for a TV series on Nickelodeon and that too is in millions of dollars.

Ryan and his parents, among three of them, have nine YouTube channels and each channel gets lots of views. In viewership, another kid from South Korea, Boram, 7, is also immensely popular on YouTube with 30 million subscribers for two channels – Boram Tube Vlog and Boram Tube ToyReview.

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