Monday, April 15, 2024


NewsBred in its decade-long existence hasn’t sought numbers.

It has opted to shape ideas. For its community to find and spread its own numbers.

It’s a top-down approach to free India from its shackles of politicians, media and hoax academicians.

We feel a nation is made or destroyed on how honest its politics, media and academics are.

We feel in India these three institutions are rigged.

These are rigged because endless riches come their way through those who don’t want India to grow to be a superpower which is its manifest destiny.

The heat of last few years is a testimony that India is on the right curve.

This curve could come to a staggering halt if anti-India forces manage to prevail.

India which could break up into pieces and your children become refugee in their own homeland.

Knowledge alone is the way to free the snake of its venom.

So read and advice through twitter, facebook and email. And donate to fuel its growth.

You need to know the truth. And support it. For India is yours. To be inherited by your children.

Bigger and better.

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