Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Anti-Modi bent is a serious disease: Read and identify if you have one

It’s a cute wrap-up of how India’s deplorable Opposition and Lutyens Media conducted itself in the last two months when the Covid-19’s second wave was ravaging country’s landscape. Enjoy

Modi :- National lock down from march 23’rd

liberals:- Fascist , autocratic ,Hitler.


Modi :- Vaccine will be made in India 

Liberals:- Impossible..It will take 20 years.

China will get angry..


Modi:- India has now its own vaccine ..

Liberals :- It will fail , people will die ..hurried ..


Modi:- FLW will get first preference.

Liberals:- They are treated as Guinea pigs .

Let Modi take it first , in public 


Modi:- Senior citizens will get vaccine ..

Liberals:- I will not take BJP vaccine..

It’s not halal

People will become impotent ..

Why only seniors , give it to all.


Modi:- central govt will supply vaccine to all states

Liberals:- Fascist , autocratic , priority to BJP states , if we are allowed to buy, we will vaccinate entire state in 3 months .


Modi:- We will allow states to buy vaccines 

Liberals:- Passing responsibility to states.. Modi has failed .


Modi:- vaccine is the only way for second wave 

Liberals:- You sent my vaacine abroad..

We want it for 18+  


Modi:- We will start 18+

Liberals:- No vaccine available


Modi:- 200 crores vaccine will be available by December.

Liberals:- Impossible..liar ..Feku


Modi :- We will supply vaccines free of cost to states 

Liberals:- Thanks to SC ..

Modi has failed ..




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