“Mahesh Bhatt is the don of Bollywood”, says actress Luviena Lodh

24th October 2020

24th October 2020

Ever since the unpredicted death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, controversies for filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt have been raining. Through a video of 1.48 minutes, actress Luviena Lodh made some shocking revelations about Mahesh Bhatt and his nephew and Lodh's husband, Sumit Sabharwal.

Luviena Lodh has been part of several South Indian movies and in the video, she slammed Bhatt for harassing her and the actress' family.

According to Luviena Lodh, the purpose of making the video was to ensure the safety of her family. She also accused Bhatt and his nephew of human trafficking.

She alleged that “I was married to the nephew of (film director) Mahesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal. I had filed a divorce case against him because I got to know that he was supplying drugs to other actors such as Amyra Dastur, Sapna Pabbi etc. His phone contains pictures of several girls whom she shows to directors.” Lodh added, “Vo ladkiya bhi supply karta hai. Inn saari baaton ki jaankari Mahesh Bhatt ko hai (He is also involved in supplying girls. Mahesh Bhatt is well aware of all these things).”

Mahesh Bhatt has apparently decided to take legal action against her.

In the video, Lodh mentioned, “Mahesh Bhatt is the don of the industry. He controls everything that goes on in the industry. If you don’t play by his rules, then, he will make your life miserable in the industry. Mahesh Bhatt has destroyed the lives of several people, including directors, actors, and composers. People lose work just with one phone call by him and they don’t even get to know about it. He has done this to many people. And since I had filed a complaint against him, he is after me.”

She also said, “He is trying his level best to throw me out of my house. And when I go to file an NC (non-cognisable complaint), then, it is not registered. Even if my complaint is lodged, then, no action is taken. If anything happens to me or my family, then the ones who should be held responsible are Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal, Sahil Sehgal, Kumkum Sehgal.” While concluding she said, “At least people should now know what happens behind closed doors and how he has destroyed the lives of so many people. He is extremely powerful and influential."

The actress also alleged her society's secretary of harassing her for six months. Lodha said that they don't let her house help or groceries to reach her and she also mentioned that she tried to file a complaint at Versova police station but couldn't get any help.

Late actor Jiah Khan's mother, Rabia Khan had earlier accused Bhatt of intimidating her at her daughter's funeral and tried to convince her there that Jiah Khan was going through depression.

And when she disagreed with him, Bhatt said, “Tum chup hojao varna tumhe bhi injection deke sula dege. (Just keep quiet or we will make you sleep forever by giving you an injection)"  She also accused the director of being the Bollywood mafia's 'mouthpiece'. Rabia Khan also said, “He is so pathetic that I have no words to express. He was intimidating when my daughter worked for him at the age of 16.”


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