Amongst many charges, Sushil Modi claims Lalu had tried to kill him through black magic

25th October 2020

25th October 2020

Sushil Kumar Modi, deputy chief minister of Bihar and leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has accused Lalu Prasad Yadav, the supremo of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) of trying to kill him by performing tantric rituals about 3 years ago.

Along with this, Modi made several allegations against Yadav regarding his lifestyle and his belief in rituals of black magic on Saturday.

Modi attacked the former chief minister of Bihar on twitter, who is in jail at present due to the corruption charges against him.

Modi said Lalu Prasad is so superstitious that he not only stopped wearing white kurta at the behest of the tantrik, but also made tantrik (Shankar Charan Tripathi) the national spokesperson of the RJD.

Modi claimed, "The same tantrik had performed puja for Lalu Prasad at Vindhyachal Dham in Mirzapur. They have also done tantric rituals to kill me three years ago."

Modi also claimed that Yadav had no confidence in public and this is the reason he performed rituals of black magic like praying to spirits and animal sacrifice. He also added, "despite this, he neither escaped from jail nor could save power. He could still spend another 14 years in jail."

Sushil Kumar Modi said that Lalu is about to sacrifice three goats on the day of Navami, before the Bihar Assembly elections, in the Kaili bungalow of Ranchi, flouting the jail manual.

Modi concluded, "he has realised that alliances and big promises from some marginalised parties cannot save his party."

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