AP additional DGP in trouble over hate speech against Hindus

11th June 2021

11th June 2021

PV Sunil Kumar, additional DGP, AP

The legal activism non-profit group Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has lodged a complaint against Andhra Pradesh additional DGP PV Sunil Kumar for allegedly promoting a separatist ideology among castes and for indulging in hate speech against Hindus and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

In the now-deleted video, Sunil Kumar was seen making a derogatory comment against the Hindu religion. 

The complaint states that Kumar abused his official position by running a private organization named ‘Ambedkar’s India Mission’, thereby promoting himself as a celebrity and provoking the scheduled castes against Hindu religion, Hindu Gods, and sacred Hindu scriptures.

“Being a bureaucrat of prestigious All India Civil Services, he is openly spreading hatred against Hindu religion which is being followed by majority people of the Country thereby hurting the sentiments and trying to incite communal tensions between different religious groups in the state of Andhra Pradesh,” the complaint reads.

LRO filed a complaint with Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, alleging that the officer violated Sec. 3 of The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1966 and Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules of 1964.

It is not the first time when Kumar was caught in the act. There are many instances where he has been found insulting the Hindu religion by making abusive remarks. In one of his posts, he alleged that the Hindu community didn’t allow them to go to temples and it was Britishers who showed them the way.

“When we aren’t allowed into Temples, Britishers showed Gave us a Church, When we aren’t allowed to have one God, Britishers showed us a God, When we aren’t allowed to study, Britishers introduced education to us.”

He has also been reportedly advocating for separate gram panchayats for Scheduled Caste (SC) people.


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