Arnab Goswami would “commit suicide” boasts a Pawar aide, alleges a report

21st October 2020

21st October 2020

The sting operation on Nawab Malik, sitting Maharashtra minister, and NCP leader has revealed a shocking and deep-rooted 'conspiracy' against Arnab Goswami, Republic media's editor-in-chief, alleges a report.

In the sting operation done by Republic TV, Nawab Malik, a close aide of Sharad Pawar has been caught predicting that Goswami will commit suicide in frustration of so many cases against him.

Another sting operation on Congress leader had him asserting that CM Uddhav Thackeray and the rest of the Maharashtra government is upset with Arnab Goswami and Republic TV and they have been conspiring to form a top-notch team of IAS and IPS officer to explore the ways to bring down the network.

When Malik was asked by the undercover reporter why the government is targeting Republic TV, he replied that no one is behind the channel and claimed that Goswami is making the situation worse himself.

Malik said, “The path he has taken, he sits inside a ‘self-imposed’ reality. He thinks that it works like this and when he gets to know that there is nothing and everything is fake then a person can do anything, right? He thinks that the whole system works the way his mind likes. That he can do anything and everything but when that does not happen the person goes to a different zone, right?”

He further claimed that Arnab Goswami is going through a phobia. He added, “The world does not work on fakery. He is stuck in the TRP thing now.” When the reporter mentioned that the BARC letter does not include Republic TV’s name, he said it would be revealed in the investigation.

“Let me tell you clear cut, he will get trapped I am telling you clear cut.” He further added that the whole case would take a psychological toll on Arnab, said Malik. He also said, “The thing is that this man will have a lot of problems. I am scared that he will go into a zone himself. This is madness. It becomes a phobia. A phobia created after a point of time becomes paranoia.”

In a press conference on October 8, Param Bir Singh, Mumbai Police Commissioner had claimed that the Mumbai police have unearthed the biggest TRP scam ever that was benefitting so many channels and Republic TV was the main accused.

However, in further investigation, it was found that there was no mention of Republic TV in the FIR and it was India Today who was the main accused. Republic TV and Mumbai police lashed out at each other for nearly two weeks.

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