BJP is winning Bengal, says Mamata’s own strategist Prashant Kishor: “Many see God in Modi”

10th April 2021

10th April 2021

Prashant Kishor: Self-goal

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is winning the Bengal elections and this admission has come from none other than Mamata Banerjee’s master strategist, Prashant Kishor to a group of select Lutyens Media which has now become public.

“BJP is winning elections. Sarkar BJP ki aa rahi hai. Even our survey says so,” said Kishor in this meet in Club House, conceding that there is a “Modi cult in the country” and many see “a god in him.”

Another damning admission by Kishore is that Trinamool Congress, and Left before them, have done nothing but to appease Muslims in the State in last 20 years and that there is “blatant misuse of minority politics.”

Prashant Kishor also is heard saying that Dalits-Matuas would vote overwhelmingly in BJP’s favour and there is a “gussa (anger)” against Mamata Banerjee. 

Four clips of Prashant Kishor’s interaction with Lutyens Media, among whom Ravish Kumar, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Sakshi Joshi etc are heard posing questions to him, are so damning it would have Mamata Banerjee frothing in her mouth in an assembly polls which still has five phases to go through in next three weeks. 

First Audio Clip:

Prashant Kishore is heard saying: “If there is vote, it’s in Modi’s name. If there is vote, it’s on identification of being a Hindu. There are more than one cross Hindi-speaking population in the state. Dalits are 27 per cent in numbers and they are completely with Modi. 

“Matuas will be predominantly voting for BJP, not as unitedly as they did in Lok Sabha but (as per my estimation) it’s 75 percent in BJP’s favour. 

“BJP is winning elections. BJP is forming the government. Even our survey says so.

“We have tried to speak to people and get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Anyone who is voting for BJP, is anyway saying he is voting for BJP. But even 10-15 percent of Left voters are voting for BJP as they feel that BJP is forming the government. 

“Majority is saying that BJP is making the government. 

“There is also this misconception that BJP doesn’t have ground presence in Bengal. Except for one or two districts, there is no district in Bengal where BJP doesn’t have a strong cadre," said Kishor. 

Second Audio Clip: 

“For the last 20 years, everything has been done to appease the minority,” says Prashant Kishor. 

“In Bengal, there has been one falsafa (philosophy) that anyone whom Muslims vote for would make the government.”

“This has annoyed Hindus. There is some element which BJP is exploiting and that element is coming from blatant misuse of minority politics.

“You and I can’t deny it,”said Kishor. 

Third audio clip:

This begins with Ravish Kumar palpably aghast why there is no anti-incumbency against Modi. 

Prashant Kishor’s reply is revealing: “There is a Modi cult in the country. Many see god in him. He is a cult for Hindi bhashi. Modiji is very popular. 

“Further, Bengal hasn’t tasted Modi flavour. They feel that for 30-35 years, we haven’t got (by way of jobs, development) which BJP (could provide). It’s like Laddu taste nahin kiya hai. 

“It’s also a truth that bheed  hai(crowd in Modi’s rallies).

“That there is gussa (anger) against Trinamool Congress.

“So if I have to say it (in nutshell), it’s polarization, Modi’s popularity, SC votes and of course electoral machinery (of BJP),” Kishor said at the conclusion of the clip.  

Fourth audio clip:

This clip begins with Arfa Khanum Sherwani telling Prashant Kishore that somebody has tweeted her that Kishor has just declared BJP winner of assembly polls in Bengal. 

“Is it open,” the shock in Kishor’s voice is palpable. 

There is an audio of Sanjay Hegde who says that “you can’t prevent people from tweeting…further, everything spoken in Club is recorded…whatever you say.”

There is a deafening silence in the room. 


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