BJP launches “Atmanirbhar Bihar” manifesto; Jobs, IT hubs, free vaccine etc

22nd October 2020

22nd October 2020

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, BJP general secretary Bhupendra Yadav (left) and state party president Sanjay Jaiswal while launching the Manifesto on Thursday.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has launched its Bihar election manifesto. It’s titled “Paanch sutra, ek Lakshya, 11 Sankalp” and was released by Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Patna.

The manifesto states its Lakshya (objective) as Atmanirbhar Bihar ka Roadmap 2020-2025; 5 Sutras (Areas): Development of villages, cities, industries, education and agriculture; and as Sankalp (Vow) jobs for the youth of the state, besides its commitment to turn Bihar into an information technology hub.

“Bihar is one state where all citizens are politically sensitive and well informed. They know and understand the promises a party makes. If anyone raises questions on our manifesto, we can answer them with confidence as we fulfil what we promised,” Sitharaman told the press at the manifesto release event.

Listing out the achievements of the NDA rule in Bihar, Sitharaman said: “GDP in Bihar has seen a sharp rise under NDA rule. It has grown from 3% to 11.3% in the state in the last 15 years of NDA government and not during the 15 years of ‘jungle raj’. It was made possible because our government gave priority to good governance for the people.”

She said the NDA is promising free COVID-19 vaccine for the people of Bihar. “As soon as COVID-19 vaccine will be available for production at a mass scale, every person in Bihar will get free vaccination. This is the first promise mentioned in our poll manifesto,” she stated.

The BJP leader further appealed to people to bring Nitish Kumar government back in Bihar.

“I appeal to all the people of the state to vote for NDA and make it win. Nitish Kumar will be the Chief Minister of Bihar for the next 5 years.”

Key highlights of the “Sankalp Patra” are:

* Free COVID-19 vaccine

* 5 lakh jobs in next five years

* 3 lakh teaching jobs

* 1 lakh jobs in health sector

* Bihar to be developed as next-generation IT hub

* IT infrastructure in Patna and Rajgir

* Free tabs for meritorious students in classes 9 and above

* A sports university

* Digital counselling centres

* To operationalize Darbhanga AIIMS by 2024

* Houses for 30 lakh people in urban and rural areas

* Rs 2 lakh ex-gratia for the kin if a migrant labourer dies suddenly in another state

* Job and Rs 25 lakh for the family of a soldier who lays down life for the nation

* MSP for pulses grown in the state

* 4G and broadband service in all towns and villages



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