Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics trends as Xi draws parallel with Hitler

26th October 2020

26th October 2020

The summer Olympics of 1936 were hosted by Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler and that is still believed to be the grossest move of self-promotion through an International event even after 80 years.

The intention behind designing the Olympic Games was to promote harmony and goodwill among the nations who participated but Hitler used it as a platform to introduce its 'new Germany' to the world. Some activists believe that after Hitler, now Xi Jinping might use the 2022 Winter Olympics in a similar manner that is scheduled to be held in Beijing. 

To urge the Winter Olympics 2022 organisers to change the venue from China, the hashtag that is trending on Twitter is #MoveTheGames. It was announced by the UK on October 6 that if it discovers more evidence of harassment of Uyghur Muslims and violation of their Human Rights in China then it might boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary said, “Generally speaking, my instinct is to separate sport from diplomacy and politics, but there comes the point when it is not possible.”

Across the globe, the sentiments of anti-China have been touching horizons for several issues. People all around the world have been leaning towards boycotting services and products from China due to its habit of spying on officials of the government across the globe through technology, the attempt of controlling developing countries' assets through loans, and the origin of the pandemic, Covid-19 from Wuhan, China.

Following the rising tension between India and China on the border, more than 300 Chinese apps were banned in India and several contracts with Chinese companies were cancelled. Trade war has been launched by the US against China, and telecom companies of China like ZTE and Huawei have been banned by several countries in their upcoming project of 5G networks due to the concerns of espionage.

It is the responsibility of all the nations to take the steps needed to avoid the worldwide war if they see anyone with the similarities of the world's most ruthless dictators. It was once said by Benjamin Franklin that “Glass, China, and reputation are easily cracked and never well mended.” It has been believed by some critics that Jinping has already passed the stage of being similar to Mao and now he is giving a tough competition to Hitler by trying to suppress the voices that rise in its opposition around the world to become the global power.

Hitler had tried to create an 'Aryan-race' which he considered as the purest race to rule the world. Similarly, Xi Jinping led Chinese Communist Party has destroyed all the mainland China's pre-existing traditions and races except Han Chinese. The ancient cultures of Uighur, Turkic people, Mongol, Tibet, Yi, and Hui Manchus' people are either on the extinction verge or have become completely extinct.

The horrifying stories of Germany's concentration camps during the Holocaust are known across the globe and similarly, Xi Jinping is alleged to use concentration camps to persecute Uyghur in Xinjiang.

Many manufacturing companies have shifted their factories from China to favourable nations. The 5G technology of China has been ignored by many countries like Sweden, India, the UK, and the US. And now, the urge of people across the globe to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China will only increase its problems.


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