China growls at Indian media: Doesn’t want it to cover Taiwan

6th April 2021

6th April 2021

The Chinese embassy in India has issued a statement where it wants Indian media not to publish news on Taiwan and treat it as a sovereign entity. 

The statement by the Chinese embassy said: “There is but one China in the world. Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory…All countries that have diplomatic relations with China should firmly honour their commitments to One-China policy, which is also Indian government’s standing.”

“The Taiwan question concerns China’s core interests. We firmly oppose any separatist activities to create the so-called “Taiwan independence,” “two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan”. China firmly opposes any country having diplomatic ties with China making any form of official contact and exchanges with Taiwan. China’s red line on the Taiwan question cannot be challenged. On issues of right and wrong, there is no room for compromise,” it added.

The Chinese Embassy continued, “The reunification of two sides of the Taiwan Strait is the trend of history and the collective will of the entire Chinese nation. It will not and cannot be changed. The Chinese government has firm resolve to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We have the capability to thwart separatist attempts for “Taiwan independence” in whatever form.”

It urged the Indian media to “take a correct stance on issues of core interests concerning China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, adhere to the One-China principle, and avoid sending wrong messages to the public.”

China has thrown tantrums over the Indian media’s coverage of Taiwan in the past as well. Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s foreign minister, had then hoped that Indian media would ask the Chinese mission to “get lost.” 

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