China had pre-planned Galwan Valley attack: US Congress told

2nd December 2020

2nd December 2020

The US Congress has been told that the Chinese government had deliberate planned the Galwan incident of June 14/15 in which 20 Indian soldiers lost lives. The Chinese have not confirmed anything about the number of casualties its soldiers suffered in this clash.

This has been communicated to the US Congress by USCC (United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission). Set up 20 years ago, USCC makes recommendations regarding the actions to be taken up vis a vis China. In its report, the US body said that in June 2020, there were fatal casualties in clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers for the first time since 1975.

Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute Tanvi Madan made an oral submission to the Congress regarding the clash. If China's "goal was to acquire territory, it might deem the moves a success", the panel said. If China wanted to warn India against "possible aligning with the US, then the Chinese moves have been ineffective", it added.

The panel said that some evidence suggested that the "Chinese government had planned the incident, potentially including the possibility for fatalities". The Chinese side had given indications of the impending clashes weeks before the incident, it pointed out.

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