China spreads “fake news” of having “cooked” Indian soldiers; Indian army calls out

18th November 2020

18th November 2020

The Indian army has denied the claims made in a British daily London Mail that Chinese military had used microwave weapons to have the two peaks evacuated in eastern Ladakh.

Jin Canrong, a professor, claimed in an online seminar that China’s military turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven through weapons that make use of microwave pulses which cause immense pain and discomfort to human targets. These electromagnetic weapons cook the human tissues. It left Indian troops vomiting and unable to stay. They evacuated.

The Indian army has vehemently denied these claims. It says these unfounded and the media has misreported it.

India’s Press Information Bureau refuted the report late Tuesday. “Some international news portals have published misleading headlines and reported baseless claims related to India-China border stand-off in Ladakh,” the Press Information Bureau said in a tweet. “This claims is fake, ADGPI [Additional Directorate General of Public Information] has clarified that no such incident has taken place. Beware of such misinformation.”

The newspaper offered no details about how Jin might have access to this information, which, if true, would represent a major change in engagement between Indian and Chinese soldiers.

As per the report, the microwave weapons heat water molecules in the same way as the kitchen appliance, targeting water under the skin and causing increasing amounts of pain to the target from ranges of up to 0.6 miles away.   

As per the British newspaper The Times, the attack was carried out on August 29, weeks after the high tensions among the Indian and Chinese troops. The newspaper has quoted Jin as saying that the incident was not publicized, because we had solved the problem “beautifully”.

This happened despite ongoing talks between military commanders on both sides who are attempting to settle the dispute.

Jin said China used the weapons because the altitude was too high to fight against Indian troops who are Tibetan mountaineering specialists.

It’s said that this could be the first use of microwave-style weapons though the United States too arguably is in possession of it.

The sensation by it has been described as equivalent to touching a hot lightbulb. Over a period of time it causes headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Another report claimed that there is suspicion similar weapons were used against US diplomatic personnel who mysteriously fell ill in China and Cuba in a series of incidents beginning 2016.

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