Don't read books, if you're not ready to forget them

31th May 2017

31th May 2017

A life which is no longer his own

(As the world gets broken up between ideologies; armies in readiness to lock horns, the man and his basic life is box-fitted to suit agendas. As if his life is no longer his own. NewsBred is proud to introduce Anamarija Zakanj, a poetess and author, to its readers who in her abstract images magnifies the burden humanity carries, all of its own making.)


Don't leave for battle without your shield 

if you are uncertain 

that your words alone

will echo after your death 

and stick to "your own" like glue

convincing them that it is

an act of unadulterated love! 


Don't read hundreds of books

if you're not ready to forget

all that is written in them,

and do not ponder too much

about non-existence of time,

you could end up realising that 

your priceless watch is worthless. 


Don't go among the sick,

the dirty and the weak 

if you're afraid of the knowledge infection. 

Don't fall in love with uncertainty;

for the world may come 

crashing on your head, 

do not dive into solitude, 

you may find it hard 

to bear your company. 


Because once you shall ask,

sitting in an armchair in midst of dementia 

gawking at the Moon,  you'll remember nothing 

-          how lucky for you! 


And you'll believe my words:

that funny sphere up there 

shines brightly thank to 

the meeting of all yearning peers. 



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