Goswami to sue Congress, dares Rahul for a one-on-one debate

21st January 2021

21st January 2021

Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami is suing Congress and promising to take a strong action against its senior leaders, including Rahul Gandhi. 

In a statement, Goswami has said that he is filing a criminal complaint against every Congress leader who has uttered lies against him. 

This is in response to the charge that classified documents were shared in the ongoing controversy over his alleged WhatsApp chat leaks. 

He further challenged Rahul Gandhi to a one-on-one debate and how he could have ‘helped’ Pakistan.

“Don’t send your groupies. Face me, one on one, Rahul if you can,” he said in a statement. He further said that those chats where he spoke about a retaliation of Pulwama attack were nothing but what every Indian expected at that time. “Every Indian expected India to thrash Pakistan black and blue after Pulwama. To even suggest that the Prime Minister gave me this information is a horrendous act of falsification,” he said.

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