How is Modi govt planning to vaccinate entire India? A roadmap

14th June 2021

14th June 2021

Image: Courtesy ETHealthWorld

How is India preparing to vaccinate its massive population?

Two charts below should give one an idea of the momentous task ahead of Modi governments in coming days, weeks and months. 

As of June 12, 2021 we know what’s the percentage of those who have taken their first shots of vaccination in various States of India. This data suggests that 23.2 percent of India’s population has taken at least first dose. 

(Image: courtesy Swarayjamag)

The second image below bears home the truth that only 5.4% percent of India’s population so far stands completely vaccinated, that is those who have taken their both shots of vaccines. 

(Image: Courtesy Swarayjamag)

The latest data suggests that India has so far administered 253 million doses and is set to overtake the United States as the most vaccinated country.

Indeed, the number of doses administered in the last 50 days is more than what was done in the first five months. 

As both maps show, India faces a gargantuan task. 

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state with a population in excess of 24 crores, has so far given 14.1% first shot to its people while in terms of both doses administered, the figure stands at only 2.8%. 

Maharashtra, the worst hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, has so far administered first dose to 24.9% of its population while in terms of both doses given, it reads 6.2%.

Mapping the road ahead

The road ahead, seems pretty well-mapped as far as Modi government’s preparations are concerned. 

The two vaccine providers of India, Bharat Biotech (Covaxin) and Serum Institute (Covishield), have promised to provide 12 crore doses in the month of July itself. 

In the last three days, India has provided 3.33 crores of inoculation which comes to 30 lakhs per day. 

So in remaining 17 days, the task is to provide 9 crore more doses which would make it 50 lakhs vaccinated per day. 

In July, some 28 crores are like to be vaccinated which brings the average to 65 lakhs inoculated per day. 

In the second half of July, the shots could soar to a crore a day.

August is promising to be even better. 

Obviously, India would need more vaccination centres, cold chain, staff etc, besides the promise of vaccine doses, to fulfil its ambition of having the entire population inoculated by the end of the year. 

It’s learnt that the Modi government feels just relying on its centres for vaccine administration might not be enough. 

As June 21 approaches, the day when the entire procurement and distribution to States would be under the command of Centre, including free supply, the States would be encouraged to convert schools, marriage halls, community centres, drive-through and other measures to ensure as many get inoculated as is possible. 

The Centre would also seek assistance and participation of private sector to help execute the task ahead of it. 

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