Miandad slams Imran Khan, says "you were made Prime Minister in my home"

12th August 2020

12th August 2020

Sensational claim by Javed Miandad

Former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad has made the sensational claim that Imran Khan was made the prime minister in his home in a scathing attack on his former cricket colleague in his YouTube channel today.

"Aaj mein bata raha hoon. Aap hamare hain prime minister ban ke gaye the," said Miandad, leading to speculation that Imran Khan was picked as prime minister, not by the people of Pakistan, but by the army of the country.

Miandad is a relative of Dawood Ibrahim who is said to work in coordination with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and his claim can't be dismissed out of hand.

Miandad further said that Imran has plunged the country into ruins with unemployment soaring.

One of the modern greats, Miandad in his YouTube channel has slammed Imran for his arrogance and know-it-all attitude.

He said that Imran Khan has appointed yes men in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) who are ruining the game in the country.

“I am your captain. You are not my captain,” says Miandad on his channel. He alleged that Imran had offered the top post to the officials in exchange for personal favours.

“You behave as if others don’t know a thing. As if you alone have gone to Oxford and Cambridge,” said an angry Miandad.

Imran Khan’s ratings in Pakistan has been falling steeply. Opposition leaders like Bhutto Zardari have said that Khan has been “selected” by the Pakistani military and the 2018 elections which put him on the pedestal were rigged.

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