Muslims largely make up the police recruitment drive in Bengal in OBC category

19th June 2021

19th June 2021

West Bengal Police recruitment board released the merit list of a recruitment drive meant to fill vacancies in the OBC-A category. However, all the selected candidates, apart from one or two, were Muslims. The same had happened in 2019 too, as per a media report

It is worth noting that in Bengal out of 170 groups listed in the OBC category in total, 112 are Muslim. While OBC A category, the ‘more backward’ includes 72 Muslim groups, the OBC-B category includes 40 Muslim groups. 

The overpowering representation of OBC in the state has caught special attention. Such inclusion of Muslims in the OBC category is not limited only to West Bengal but also to other parts of the country. 

While the situation is similar in Bihar and Maharashtra, it is overwhelming in West Bengal, constituting 2/3rd of the entire group.