Oxford vaccine would be available in bulk before year is out: The Times

3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020

The government scientists of Britain have cited that the Covid-19 vaccine would be ready and available in bulk within 3 months as per the Times report.

The newspaper also said that the Oxford vaccine scientists hope to receive approval before the start of the year 2021 from regulators.

Excluding children, the programme of immunizing people from the Covid-19 will happen quicker than what experts had predicted, said the Times. It also added that as per the estimate of health officials, within six months, every adult would be immunized with the vaccine.

The data of vaccines produced by the Oxford University scientists and AstraZeneca is under the review of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the agency made it clear on Thursday.

It is also in the news that the British vaccine has brighter chances of getting the approval first as per the review of the European agency.

The report of the Times also added that the government is planning to deploy healthcare staff in wider groups to do the administration of the vaccine and recruiting armed forces for help. And also setting up the facility of drive-through centres of vaccination.

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