Police shows evidence Delhi riots were pre-planned: Weeks of preparation

25th February 2021

25th February 2021

Delhi Police has used animation to make a graphic chronology of anti-Hindu riots in northeast Delhi last year. In a supplementary chargesheet, the Delhi Police has shown how a group of rioters made sure that the evidence was destroyed and the couldn’t be tailed. 

Delhi Police after analysing the footage from around three dozen CCTV cameras covering the 3-KM region around Jafrabad.,found that a set of rioters who were armed with sticks started from Chand Bagh and slowly moved across areas in Mustafabad. They kept vandalising the CCTV cameras on their way.

The retrieved footage showed they changed the direction of some CCTV cameras or broke others. On some cameras, they put a piece of cloth. After they had done so, the police claim, the violence erupted. 

The Times of India says the movement of rioters was planned and not random. A source said, “The footage from CCTV cameras falling on the route from where the rioting crowd passed were mapped for this exercise. It was not a random movement. They moved forward in a very systematic manner, waiting for the cameras to be made dysfunctional.”

The police in its chargesheet has stated: “It was not violence that happened at the spur of the moment. Vandalising cameras at a spot is another thing, but to be aware of every camera across a 3km radius requires time and planning. A proper recce over days would have made this possible,” the police have claimed.

So far, Delhi Police has filed three chargesheets. It includes cases against the alleged key conspirators of the riots, including former AAP councillor Tahir Hussain, former student union leaders Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam.


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