Protest by doctors of Delhi hospitals against non-payment of salary

27th October 2020

27th October 2020

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An official has informed that a symbolic protest of two-hour was staged by the doctors of government hospitals of Delhi including Maulana Azad Medical College, Safdarjung Hospital, and RML Hospital.

The purpose of this symbolic protest is to highlight the issue of non-payment of Hindu Rao Hospital's Doctors' salary.

The issue mentioned above has been termed as a 'case of system failure' by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and it also stated that it's not an isolated issue.

The doctors must get the accolades and incentives for their exceptional services during the pandemic, Covid-19, said IMA. It further added that the doctors must not have been forced to protest to get their 'legitimate salaries.' The incident was termed as 'state-sponsored violence' and 'rotten' governance.

"Indian Medical Association takes serious exception to the unfortunate situation in Hindhu (Hindu) Rao Hospital which is under the management of Delhi Municipal Corporation. It sends a wrong message to the profession and the nation. It demoralizes the entire doctor community," said IMA while terming the concerned officials as 'insensitive.'

While calling doctors a 'national asset' IMA said, "If their (doctors) services are so dispensable during a pandemic something is really rotten in the way we are governed. It is a new low in governance."

It was demanded by IMA via an official press release that the Delhi hospitals' doctors must be paid their salaries immediately along with the dues by the concerned authorities.

IMA also pointed out the order of the Supreme Court which emphasised the concerned authorities to pay the salaries of health care workers and doctors who have been working for three months without any salary.

IMA also said that this seems like an 'adequate reason for the Court to initiate Suo Moto contempt proceedings against the administration of Hindu Rao Hospital while adding that the 'writ of the Highest Court of the land' does not seem to bother the administration.

Hindu Rao Hospital and Medical College, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC)'s  Resident Doctors Association (RDA) carried out a protest on Friday via an indefinite strike for the non-payment of health-care workers and doctors salaries.

The Hindu Rao Hospital doctors have been protesting for a few weeks but the issue has not been resolved till now according to the RDA. On the streets of Connaught Place, Delhi, the Hindu Rao Hospital's doctors carried out the protests on Sunday, they even burnt Ravana's effigy to bring the issue to the notice of the concerned authorities.


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