Rahane refuses to cut Kangaroo cake; wins hearts

23rd January 2021

23rd January 2021

When the Indian cricket team returned to their home after a terrific win in Australia, the players have been welcomed nothing less than like a hero. The same happened with stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane also. Rahane's wife and daughter greeted the India star and there were plenty of dhols and flowers that welcomed the skipper.

Not only his family but the entire neighborhood also celebrated the India historic tour to Australia with Rahane.  His neighbors had arranged for a cake for him. The cake was shaped in the form of a cricket pitch with a kangaroo sitting on top of it, holding the Indian flag. However, as he was about to cut the cake, he noticed the Kangaroo and denied cutting the cake. The kangaroo is a symbol of Australia, appears on the Australian coat of arms and on some of its currency.

But Rahane very politely refused to cut the cake and once again won the hearts of the fans. A Twitter user was quick to notice his gestures and posted the video on the platform. The video of the incident went viral on social media and the incident only earned him a lot of respect from the netizens.


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