Rahul Gandhi questions food to jawans—on the lines of Global Times

12th September 2020

12th September 2020

Congress MP from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi asked in the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence why different food is served to the officers and jawans of the Indian Army who are stationed at the borders.

This was the 12th meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence and it was the first time that Rahul Gandhi attended the meeting. The senior Congress leader has attacked the Modi government several times for various matters related to defence including LAC conflict and Rafale jets.

It doesn't look a coincidence that Rahul Gandhi is concerned about the ration supply of the Indian Army at the same time when editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a Chinese government mouthpiece, used the same agenda to disparage India by tweeting about it. In his tweet, the editor taunted India over the "hot meals" served to the soldiers of the PLA frontline in comparison to the "cold canned food."

The editor-in-chief, Hu Xijin shared a video of the Chinese Army's food supply and wrote: “With these drones, the PLA’s frontline soldiers can enjoy hot meals once winter reaches the plateau. Some sympathize with the nearby Indian soldiers who can only eat cold canned food and have to endure the severe cold and potential spread of COVID-19”.

The understanding of China's Communist Party and Global Times with the Congress party seems instant. Rahul Gandhi used the same agenda in the Parliamentary meeting that the editor-in-chief of Global Times used to belittle India. Recently Chinese mouthpiece Global Times had used the Congress' agenda to attack the Modi government by questioning India's move in Ladakh to put pressure on India.

Global Timesb had published an article on September 5 in which it used the Congress party's allegations to attack the Modi government.  

The article was written to give an indirect message to the BJP government that a single wrong move in the Ladakh standoff will result in the deposing of the BJP government.   

This understanding of the Communist Party in China and the Congress party goes way back in 2008 when both the parties had signed a deal for exchanging confidential information to Beijing.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) provided both the parties, “opportunity to consult each other on important bilateral, regional and international developments”.

This MoU was signed by Rahul Gandhi in the presence of Sonia Gandhi, president of the Congress party, and on the Chinese side, Xi Jinping signed the MoU who was vice-president of China at that time.

Rahul Gandhi and Chinese officials had met several times during the standoff between India and China on the Doklam issue. He tried to keep his meetings secret but Gandhi accidentally revealed in 2019 during a speech about his meeting with Chinese officials in 2018 on his Kailash Mansarovar visit.


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