Swara Bhaskar is a “parasite”: Bahujan group alleges doublespeak

4th October 2020

4th October 2020

Swara Bhaskar, the Bollywood actress,  has been accused of hogging the limelight in the case of Hathras by “Revolutionary memes for Bahujan teens,” a Facebook Bahujan support group that has more than 32,000 likes.

While referring to the actress as a 'parasite,' the fan page of Chandrashekhar Azad, the Bheem Sena chief,  said that she was a student of sociology once at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) but it seems like she never read writings and books by Jane Elliott, Malcolm X, Pierre Bourdieu,  Peggy McIntosh, and Antonio Gramsci, otherwise she wouldn't have attempted to hog the limelight in every chance she gets in the Hathras case.

The Bahujan support group on Facebook called Bhaskar half Kayastha and half ‘Baman’ (Brahmin) and suggested her that before hijacking the space of Dalit-Bahujan, she should start the movement of reformation from the states and community to which she and her parents belong.

The page said, “Swara’s brother is married to a Joshi & she is in relationship with a Sharma. How conveniently these “casteless” Baman-Savarnas fall in love within their own Baman-Savarna communities no?” 

The page also noted that Bhaskar's parents hail from the states, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar and both the states have higher numbers of honour killings.

Ira Bhaskar, mother of Swara Bhaskar, former professor of JNU of film studies, and former Censor Board's member, was also accused by the page of discriminating against the Bahujan students.


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