Thakur community in ferment over Hathras “rape” charge: “Where was rape”?

4th October 2020

4th October 2020

Thakur community is agitated that their community is being shown in poor light on the heinous Hathras incident.

A video of a gathering of the Savarna Samaj is getting viral on social media. In the video, the anguish of the Thakur community members of more than two dozen villages of Uttar Pradesh can be heard over the arrest of the accused of Hathras case.

According to the people of the gathering, the accused are innocent.

One of the members present there said, “the FSL report says there was no rape but politicians and the media claim there was rape.”

The gathering's apparent leader said that the investigation must be fair and the accused should be set free without any bail if any one of them is found innocent. He also expressed remorse over the fact the community's reputation is being tarnished.

The person asked the community members to stay away from any kind of protest and as well as political parties. He also said that opposing the political parties is enough the rest will solve on its own.

Members of the gathering also supported the demand for a Narco test.

As per the claim, the Hathras case was an attempt to murder initially. It also says that there was no mention of the rape in the initial complaint.

As per the report, no other complaint was made for five days. It also says the story of the case got twisted after the meeting of some politicians with the victim on September 19. After that only eve-teasing was added to the list of the complaint.

Following which on September 22, along with the names of three more accused, rape was added to the list of allegations. It has also been reported that on September 19, the victim had met a senior Congress leader.

It is also of great importance that rape has been ruled out by the medical examination.

Furthermore, it has also been noted by the Jagran report that the Congress party's former state secretary, Shyoraj Jeevan had met the victim and the victim's family after which only the narrative of the victim started changing.

‘Our daughter has saved her honour but the sinners have cut her tongue, broken her spine,’ this statement of a Congress leader has gone viral.

The report also mentioned that the allegations of rape and eve-teasing were added only after the matter getting politicised. And subsequently, police arrested the four accused and relevant sections were also added to the case.

Meanwhile, the accused's family has denied all the charges and claimed the false accusations are being imposed due to the old family feud.

ADG Prashant Kumar informed through ANI that the forensic reports that were awaited have also been received. He stated that the FSL report found no evidence of ‘rape’. Kumar also said that there was no sexual assault, and the cause of death was strangulation and injury to the spine.

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