The dirty dozen who are spreading poison on a lifetime moment for Hindus

6th August 2020

6th August 2020

These are men and women who are angry at Ram Temple Bhoomi Pujan. You of course know them. Then there could be thousands of others, in the political garb of a Congress or a CPI-M, who are sulking. You don’t know them. Let’s also not deny that the approval hasn’t come from all Indian Muslims.

What’s their angst? Has the process been illegal? Has the Constitution or Judiciary been bypassed? Wasn’t it a 5-0 verdict in favour of the temple by the apex court in November last without any dissension?

How did the Supreme Court arrive at the decision? They didn’t arrive in a haste. They took 30 years after Babri Masjid was demolished. They took the call after the irrefutable evidence of a temple structure beneath the unused Masjid. After they believed the place holds a holy significance for a billion devout Hindus. They found historical evidence too in its support. What’s the problem?

Let’s look at the moral compass and see if some bigger ideal upsets them. Most of them harp back upon a generation-old incident when a disused Masjid was demolished. They put forth that “religious” and “secular” fabric of the nation as damaged.

Let’s look at religious angle. Isn’t it a fact that Masjids, functioning ones at that, are removed at will in the Islamic world, including Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam? Isn’t it a fact that a Masjid built on another religious edifice is considered “haraam” in Islam? Isn’t it a fact that an unused Masjid is as good as any other building holding no significance?

Let’s now examine the “secular” aspect and the deviousness of these miserables. For good or bad, the Masjid was demolished 30 years ago. There wasn’t any mass uprising by the Indian Muslims. Even if we consider it to be a crime, the judiciary is hands on on the subject. Even if you blame the BJP or RSS leaders for instigating the mob, the law has taken its course. Why is this secularism not hurt when temples are desecrated as was the case with a Mandir in Chandni Chowk, smack in the middle of India’s Capital, recently?

Let’s also examine a related aspect of “secularism.” These hopeless carp that government should appear neutral in religious matters. Is the government being neutral when it appoints a Minorities minister? Or subsidizes Hajj? Or takes over temples? Is the government being neutral when it throws “Iftar” parties? Is government being neutral when a sitting prime minister (Manmohan Singh) announces that “Muslims have the first right on India’s resources”?

The truth is these poison-heads are frustrated. Dismayed at the rise of Hindus. Most probably are funded by the Islamic/Christian forces who don’t believe in multi-Gods or polytheism that Hindus practice. They have destroyed all pagan religions wherever they went conquering. Indians alone couldn’t be subdued. They tried to tear up India by pitting Hindus against Muslims, minorities and Dalits. It all worked in the past. It no longer is working. They are fighting for survival. And hoping to poison us. Don’t fall for them.

Now read on what these select few are pooping on Social Media. Never forget. Never forgive. 

"The RamMandirAyodhya is being built after the criminal act of demolishing a mosque and the BhumiPujan date is the same as the day Kashmir was split into UTs and its people humiliated. As a Hindu, I quote the lines of veteran editor Prabhas Joshi: yeh toh Raghukul nahin." - Sagarika Ghose

"Aug. 5 marks another day in the continuing erasure of India's syncretic culture, another day of blood and soil in India, with a Modi emboldened by the world's inaction." - Prashant Bhushan

"My take on the Ram Mandir nirmaan: this is a time for introspection, not celebration.. interfaith harmony must begin by prosecuting those responsible for the demolition.. build a Mandir but who will build a better, more harmonious India." - Rajdeep Sardesai

"Our collective shame." - Rana Ayyub

"Harsh Mander: With the Ayodhya ceremony, has the inclusive India of my dreams been lost forever?" - Ramachandra Guha

"Babri Masjid is a Mosque and it will always remain as one. We will keep telling the new generation that our masjid was demolished." - Asaduddin Owaisi

Demolition Men Do Not Build Nations, They Destroy Them  - Siddharth Varadarajan

This is the truth. When religion is disowned by the intellectuals, traditions talked down upon, it's held hostage by vigilantes.- Yogendra Yadav

"Is this the country my ancestors fought for? Just can’t recognise my country anymore." - Arfa Khanum Sherwani

"RamMandir bhoomipujan reminds me of those violent days...Ram Rathyatra, riots, Babri demolition, once again communal carnage, bomb blasts.. Culprits are still roaming free or will attend bhoomipujan ceremony. I don’t know what are people celebrating? Death of a secular nation?" - Nikhil Wagle

"जासु राज प्रिय प्रजा दुखारी। सो नृपु अवसि नरक अधिकारी॥ ~तुलसीदास, रामचरितमानस, अयोध्याकाण्ड|" - Rohini Singh

"Destruction of the Mosque in Ayodhya on 6th Dec 1992 was a crime against India, and will always remain a crime, fruits of crime will always remain a crime. Period" - Shahid Siddiqui

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