The three unfinished business that Mukesh Ambani looks to achieve

20th October 2020

20th October 2020

India must redefine its manufacturing sector to boost growth, says Mukesh Ambani, chairman, Reliance Industries Ltd.

When asked 'what can make Indian manufacturing more competitive?' at a virtual book launch event on Monday, Ambani said, "There is a need to rethink and redefine manufacturing in India. We need to strengthen our small and medium-scale enterprises. There should be a focus on bricks as much as on clicks."

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been trying to revive the economy that is experiencing historic contraction due to a lockdown that took jobs of millions and destroyed various businesses.

Ambani's father had given him Reliance that ran energy operations but he decided to take it further towards digital and retail services and is moving forward successfully with the recent investments of $25 billion approximately from foreign investors.

The outlook of Ambani's Reliance e-commerce plans involves the partnership of startups, small businesses, and family stores to be able to provide services in every corner.

In the words of Ambani, the legacy that he would like to build is, making India a digital society in ways never imagined before, boosting India's education system, and transformation of the energy sector to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

He added, "If I can play my small part in achieving this, if I can create institutions to perpetuate and sustain these objectives, then I would have done my bit."


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