Two BJP polling agents allegedly raped in Bengal; several female workers molested

4th May 2021

4th May 2021

Two of BJP’s female polling agents have been gang-raped by Trinamool Congress “goons” in the Nanoor assembly constituency, is the charge made by the party. 

India Today reported one of the victims of gang rape had been missing since the incident. 

The two female election agents were working for the Nanoor BJP candidate, Tarakeswar Saha. Besides, several female BJP workers were molested in 12 villages which fall under the Nanoor Vidhan Sabha constituency. 

(Courtesy: India Today/Youtube)

No sooner than the election results were announced, a BJP worker, Avijit Sarkar, uploaded the harrowing tale of violence he was subjected to before he was lynched to death. “I don’t know how to come live (on Facebook). They hurled bombs right in front of my eyes and vandalised my house and the party office. My only mistake is that I am a BJP worker.,” he recounted. 

He said that the attack took place in Ward no. 30 in the Beleghata neighbourhood in Kolkata under the supervision of TMC leaders Paresh Paul and Swapan Samandar.

Thereafter, the visuals and reports of political violence against BJP workers are streaming in relentlessly. 


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