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BJP strikes gold with #MainBhiChowkidar social media campaign

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Main Bhi Chowkidar: A masterstroke

I predict that once the dust on 2019 General Elections is settled in May, the BJP’s tagline of #MainBhiChowkidar” would be a text book study on how to run a

Rahul Gandhi must confront Hegde on “Muslim” remarks

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Rahul must confront Hegde's "muslim" remark

I am amazed that neither Congress party nor Rahul Gandhi; nor for that matter a shrill Lutyens Media has taken up Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde remarks,

And that’s what they made of Modi’s foreign tours all these years

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Shame those who mocked Modi

I want to bring you a capsule of jibes and insults smeared on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and name them who mocked his foreign visits so in his second term,

Wish Barkha Dutt had spoken to my “piddi”

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Barkha Dutt (right): got it wrong again

A righteous Barkha Dutt was ecstatic.

Why nobody is allowed to criticize Sonia Gandhi

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Sonia Gandhi: off-limits to criticism

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize“ -- Voltaire

Lutyens Media is drummer boy for Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi: Hugging oblivion

It’s without bitterness or rancour that I point out how the rotten media—both Indian and Western—keeps the “Dead Man Walking,” that is, Indian National Congr

Why you must question mainstream media

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Time you hold aloft India's future

If we were to be asked whether (a) mass media doesn’t speak for common citizens; (c) is not neutral; (c) is corrupt; (d) is caste divisive; (e) is politicall

Next one week of demonetization drive

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The entire thrust of opposition, in cahoots with propaganda siren of mainstream media in full blast, is about the inconvenience of the poor man.

BJP asks Express to apologize—here’s why

BJP wants Express to apologize for misreporting PM

BJP wants Express to apologize for misreporting PM

They offer "regret" to Arun Jaitley. BJP asks them to "apologize." Law Commission pulls them up. But why Indian Express won't mend its ways. 

So Barkha you want such “freedom for media”

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Barkha, you want such freedom for media?

“Is this the kind of freedom Barkha Dutt wants for Indian media,” my wife, sipping her tea, asked me this morning.