Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bravo stealing a run has cricket experts fuming in Indian Premier League

Look at the picture above. Mustafizur Rehman of Rajasthan Royals has overstepped the bowling crease but look at the Chennai Super Kings batsman, Dwayne Bravo. He has stolen a yard while backing up at the non-striker’s end. 

Harsha Bhogle, the commentator, was livid on mike in Mumbai on Monday. How is it unfair to “mankad” him if he is stealing a yard in running? A bowler with a few millimetres outside his bowling crease is penalised with a no-ball. A batsman who steals a yard, you can’t run him out. 

This is in reference to the match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals match in Indian Premier League (IPL) in Mumbai on Monday. 

Ravichandran Ashwin was criticised heavily a few years ago when he had “mankaded” Jos Buttler for backing too far at the non-striker’s crease. But looking at the advantage which batsman steal at the non-striker’s end, like Bravo did last night, it seems only fair to run them out. 


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