British raj

Indian Cricket needs politicians and here’s why!

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Indian cricket is a rudderless ship for now

Some solutions are worse than problems.

The “Wright” Satya Pal & sinister media hacks

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Dr Satya Pal (left) who has spoken up for Shivkar Talpade


Why “Shaktimaan” matters and not cows

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Why Shaktimaan matters; and not cows

When Shaktimaan the horse is injured to death, our media’s hysteria lasts over a month. When millions of cows are illegally slaughtered, not a word is written. Why?

A new superpower we didn't know exist

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The new empire is ready to wreak devastation everywhere

For six centuries, history has been the story of great game of empires. There is a new kid on the block who is now ready to call the shots.